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Well hello out there!

So glad you’ve found our website and my little blog sending messages of light and love to the skincare world and hopefully yonder.
I’m SO excited to be here! You see, I’ve just taken a massive risk and left a relatively stable job in the corporate world of finance where I’ve worked for the past 26 years. Wow! Typing that felt insane. I can’t believe it was that long working in one industry.
To begin with I absolutely loved it.

I’ll start from the very beginning. I grew up in Newcastle, by the beach in Merewether. The youngest of 5 kids to my selfless, loving and hardworking parents (love you guys!!! Not that they’ll be reading this they’re so not into the whole social media scene – wrong generation). I had an idyllic, happy family life. By the time I finished senior high school I simply COULDN’T wait to get to Sydney to the ‘big smoke’, the exciting world where my 2 big sisters whom I looked up to and adored were living and by all accounts having a ball in ubiquitous Bondi. So at 17 years of age, after sitting an RBA scholarship exam in Year 12, I secured myself a place working at the Reserve Bank of Australia‘s technology department in Martin Place Sydney. Wahoo! Certainly wasn’t too worried about my HSC results once I knew that. By the time I completed my HSC and got a place at Newcastle Uni to study a Bachelor of Business, I’d already made up my mind. I was off to Sydney to live with my exciting older sisters and my banking career was well on it’s way!

It wasn’t long, about 6 months, before I was enticed away by a headhunter to be part of the Investment Banking world of Macquarie Bank, where I spent a huge part of my working life and met the man I would eventually marry.
Life was busy. I was working and playing hard. After studying for a number of years, I began making my way up the career ladder. For the last 10 years, I was leading big teams and had a fair amount of responsibility. The thing was, it was beginning to take it’s toll and I was feeling stressed most days.

The last 3-5 years of my banking career I began quite a bit of soul searching and realised that it was no longer the career or lifestyle I wanted for this stage of my working life. So much had changed; I had been happily married, had a wonderful daughter, gone through a heart wrenching divorce and now it was just my beautiful 12 year old daughter and I, who was growing up WAY too fast. I was beginning to feel really anxious about going to work. Sooo, when we had yet another restructure and inevitably the word REDUNDANCY was mentioned, I had a lightbulb moment. As much as I was pervaded by fear and felt sick to the stomach about jumping off the cliff that was to be my new world, I knew I had to. It was the cliched now or never to follow my dreams and passion and try something new.

Two months on after leaving the big, relatively safe world of banking I’ve completed my Medical Aesthetics Institute intensive training; humouring the facilitators with my complete thirst for knowledge, passion for skin, and ability to learn.
I’ve also enrolled for the ultimate in Dermal Therapies training in Australia; a Bachelor of Health Science at Victoria University. This is the world’s only degree level dermal therapies course studying acute and chronic skin conditions. I want to know everything I can about the skin and be the best aesthetician I can be by having in-depth biological knowledge of how it all works. That way I’ll know how best to treat skin conditions and concerns. It’s super fascinating compared to the dry old world of banking, revenue and bottom lines I’ve been immersed in for so long.

Two weekends ago, I attended an amazing course in digital media and content with the Digital Picnic which gave me some fantastic tips and it’s fair to say, the confidence to start writing this blog. I’d highly recommend it to anyone wanting to get social media savvy.
I’m very grateful to have the unwavering support of an amazing partner who has built this website for me from scratch, not only saving me heaps of cash but showing me how to update my own content as I go so it’ll be so much easier for me to maintain and keep the content really current. It’s been a real labour of love for him and he’s put in so much time, not to mention patience with all my revisions. Perfectionist, much?!! Poor man.

MOST importantly, I’ve welcomed my first organic clients into the salon. Giving people the tools to grow in self confidence and being able to impart my knowledge really is so rewarding. As we all know, when you feel good about yourself you can take on the world. To borrow a phrase from our dearly departed Aussie mate Big Kev, I’M EXCITED!!!!

To anyone who happens to find themselves in  a similar position, I would say, back yourself, you REALLY CAN do it. Yes you will be out of your comfort zone and questioning yourself and wondering whether you’ve made the right decision. But ultimately, you’ll never know if you don’t give it a go. Making this change has given me such a new lease on life. I’m hungry to know everything there is to know about skin and cosmeceutical products, small business and the world of social media, and already I’ve met so many amazing people. Some days are definitely better than others. On the not so good days I simply remind myself how much I don’t miss the daily commute into the city, and the futile amount of energy I spent putting out politically motivated fires. It was all part and parcel of the corporate world.

Thanks for reading about the start of my new journey!!! I hope I’ve been able to inspire you to follow your dreams.
Is there a change you’ve been thinking about making and been too scared to take the plunge? What’s holding you back? I would love to hear about it.

Amanda x



4 thoughts on “Hello and a big light filled warm welcome to Lumière


    All the best Amanda. It’s scary to take a leap of faith! I left the corporate world to do the same back in 2003 and haven’t looked back. I can hear your passion and wish you all the best in your new venture. Natasha

  2.'Joanna Ainge

    Suffering from Acne Rosacea I was very hesitant to try new facial products or services. Amanda with her knowledge of the product and her calm, relaxing and reassuring persona put my fears to rest and I gave the LED a go.
    One session and I am a convert. My skin looks radiant and I have signed up for a group of sessions. I am hoping that based on the results of my first session, that I will be able to avoid deep laser surgery on my nose to reduce the Rosacea inflammation. If I can avoid this surgery I will be delighted.
    The Lumiere Salon is a delight to visit. Amanda’s wonderful taste and design ability is reflected in the decor of the salon, creating a relaxing, tasteful and elegant surrounds in which to enjoy this magical service.
    I strongly recommend Lumiere.
    Joanna Ainge

    1. Amanda Gray Post author

      Thanks for trusting me with your skin Jo. So glad to hear you’re seeing results. I really appreciate your feedback and look forward to being able to assist you with your skincare concerns. Amanda x


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