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Dinky INCI List

aspect INCI listing

aspect INCI listing

Times they are a changing in this exciting new world of ours. Now that we have access to so much information at our fingertips we can research and become educated on so many things. It’s wonderful! And so, once we would blindly buy a skincare product because someone we know, or a celebrity sponsor told us it was the bees knees, now we’re a lot more likely to do our own research. And that’s a good thing.

Enter the INCI list. Pronounced INKY, in case you’re wondering. INCI stands for International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients. All cosmetic and cosmeceutical ingredient lists must use the INCI names for their ingredients. The rationale for this is to minimise the language barriers that can hinder understanding and make things misleading for us little ol’ consumers.
INCI ingredient names on product labels allow consumers to easily compare ingredients between multiple products, ensuring transparency in ingredient disclosure.

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Now I know my ABC…..lalala!!!

ABC of Skincare

Hiya Lovely Peeps,

How nice is it to finally see the sun poke it’s head out? I know this is sad, but as a mum my first thought when I saw what a beautiful day today was forecast for was ‘oh goody, can’t wait to finally get through all my washing that’s piled up’. What has my life become?! Haha! I’m sure many of you can relate….

And then, just to feel the sun on my face and body is such an incredible boost for me. It makes my whole mood a lot sunnier. Anyhoo, I digress from the topic at hand. How well do you know your ABC of skincare?

Of course the ABC I’m referring to are the topical Vitamins A, B and C that all of us, over 30 should absolutely be incorporating into our daily home care regimes. Continue reading