How much is too much?


Hello lovely readers!

Hope you’re managing to stay rugged up, warm and cosy in this wintry weather.

One of the things I love to do in winter is have a hot bubble bath, put on an anti-ageing face mask, light a candle and relax. YUM!
If you’re anything like me, this skincare biz can become just a little bit addictive. Ooooh, maybe that brightening serum I keep seeing on all my fav beauty bloggers instagram is must have. Gaaah, what’s this about the Emma Hardie Amazing Face Balm. Must place an order for Cult Beauty for that….and so it goes…….sound familiar? It’s the never ending quest for the perfectly smooth, beautiful, youthful skin.

So imagine my horror when I read an article recently, within a few weeks of having heard something similar at a training event, that there is SUCH a thing as overdoing it. There’s a new awareness about ‘Inflammaging’. Essentially what the experts are saying is that there are many beauty treatments that actually aggravate the skin’s ageing process.

Harsh lasers and chemical peels can cause inflammation, which can aggravate the skin’s ageing process instead of doing good by damaging youth-sustaining collagen and elastin. Lasers, IPL, Yag or Erbium at the dermatologist have been linked to hardening of the skin and even scarring. These invasive treatments are used to reverse the signs of ageing, however scientific evidence has revealed they can actually damage the skin, making it older at an unwanted pace. No one knows how much laser is too much, and there are better non-invasive procedures out there.
When it comes to facial peels remember to leave AT LEAST 4 weeks in between having treatments. Any aesthetician who tells you sooner is okay is not putting your skin first. Your skin needs AT LEAST 28 days for the cells to regenerate. Interrupting this natural, essential process is going to send your skin into a spin and the cells won’t get to complete the task you set out to do by having the chemical peel in the first instance.
Constant inflammation can also be caused by aggressive exfoliation or using harsh facial products.
When you buy an active product, try to ‘isolate it’ in your routine for at least 2 weeks so that you can determine whether it’s helping your skin. The other thing I see in my salon is that clients will mix and match and become a mini scientist, by using an acid exfoliant with a serum containing similar ingredients, meaning that the skin will become irritated. Less really is more ladies and gents. I know it’s hard but try to remember that!

Emma Hobson from the International Dermal Institute says a much better anti-ageing solution is the use of LED light. ‘It works deeper on the skin and doesn’t expose any heat to the skin. It’s a fantastic system, and not linked to inflammaging at all’. Well that was music to my ears as I’ve seen first hand what the regular use of LED light can do for turning back the clock. Just as well for me that it’s not linked to inflammaging or I’d be in super big trouble, the amount of times I’ve been under that light!
When it comes to natural anti-ageing solutions, staying out of the sun, using SPFs of 30 everyday and reducing stress are key. All the usual suspects!

So essentially looking after your skin to get the best results is like everything in life. It’s all about MODERATION.

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