Closing out 2015 with Light and Love


A beautiful festive season filled with light and love to you all Xx
A beautiful festive season filled with light and love to you all Xx

Hello beautiful skincare readers!
Well with 2015 about to draw to a close, I thought I’d write to you [I know it’s been a while but I’ve been sorta busy] with a synopsis of my year.
It’s fair to say it’s been eventful and I’m grateful for that, as I’ve learnt so much about myself and others. Hindsight is definitely a valuable tool for learning.

So, in this past year, I’ve:
1. Taken redundancy from a 26 year year banking career. Read all about that here
2. Started my own business in a completely new industry
3. Sourced a cult Parisian brand for my business, secured stockist rights and brought the force that is Lotion P50 to a thankful bunch of smooth skinned, glowing skincare aficionados. Add to Cart here
4. Supported my daughter through her first year of high school
5. Broken up from an 18 month relationship
6. Started a new, exciting relationship with a man whom I believe is my soul mate (as a side note: do you believe in this concept?)

As you can see, as far as life events go, I’ve covered off quite a few! I can honestly say that it’s been one of the best years yet for reflection and understanding myself so much better. I feel as though I’ve been afforded the chance of reconnecting with myself, and that’s no mean feat. I’ve pretty much considered myself fairly instinctual. What I’ve come to understand is that I should always pay attention to my gut instinct. Yes! it’s healthy to question whether you’re being too judgemental, jumping to early conclusions etc but really, your gut is your gut and you gotta listen to it hard [not just when it’s rumbling to tell you it’s hungry]. There have been so many examples where this is true this past year, and hindsight has taught me that I’m pretty spot-on with my first impressions!

So I’m grateful for this lovely chance of a change in pace for a year. Grateful that I know I can start and run my own business from scratch, pretty much the GM, CFO, Marketing department, doer, janitor, cleaner, admin, postal clerk jack-of-all-trades [Jill if you will, but you get my drift]. I’ve also taken the opportunity to get very fit, pretty much frequenting the local gym every day during the week, and I’m loving the total rush I get after every hard weight/cardio session. The vanity in me loves what I see in the mirror in my sexy new swimsuit too!

As 2015 draws to a close, I’d like to take this opportunity to say I genuinely hope you’ve had plenty to be grateful for in this past 12 months.
Have a wonderful festive season with those near and dear to you and remember to count your blessings.

Amanda Xx





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