About Us


Amanda Gray is passionate about all things aesthetic. After 26 years working in the corporate world in banking she decided to follow her heart and work in a field that she loved.

She believes that everyone should have access to affordable, non-invasive procedures that make the most of our skin’s own healing properties.

As well as being throughly trained in the Healite II™ technology, Amanda has completed extensive training at the Medical Aesthetics Institute (MAI) established in the US in 2000 with a curriculum to meet the needs of today’s skin care professional.

Whether your particular skin concern is ageing/fine lines and wrinkles, acne, rosacea or to speed wound healing post surgery, procedure or injury, the Lutronic Healite II ™ can effectively assist your skin in healing itself.

Amanda provides bespoke one-to-one service in a beautifully relaxing sanctuary where you can unwind in complete privacy.

Bubs and toddlers are welcome, Amanda understands a busy mum’s, and indeed dad’s schedule. And teenagers with problematic acne please don’t be shy! We remember how embarrassing it feels to have pimples appear. Argggh!

The Healite II™  is an effective , safe treatment for all skin types.